Streamline your fashion life & business using Google Sheets
A self-paced, online course for busy fashion creatives

Imagine sitting at your desk and knowing exactly what to work on because you've organised everything into spreadsheets you actually understand.

On top of that, you've set up some impressive formulas — if you do say so yourself — and your spreadsheets do most of the work for you.

Now, you automagically have more time to do the creative stuff you enjoy. Hello, walk in the park!

If that sounds like your ideal day, I created this course for you.

In just a few short training videos, my goal is to guide you through creating 5 fashion sheets using Google Sheets, all for just £59, for a limited time only.

In it, we’ll create

A Guest List/Contact Mailing List

A Critical Path for a project or launch

A Product List/Range Plan

A Content Planner

A Social Media Tracker & Hashtag Hub

Plus, two bonus trainings

Planning your prices for sales & bundles

Curating your Instagram grid

Including training videos, printable SOPs* and all the templates to maximise your productivity. *Standard operating procedures.

Simplify Fashion Sheets is a brand new course.
You'll get lifetime access & free updates for just £59 for a limited time only
Ready to simplify your fashion life and business?

Get good at Google Sheets

Find creative ways to build easy-to-use spreadsheets

Discover all the formulas & tricks you need to streamline your business

Finally get organised so you can get back to the creative stuff you love

And, most importantly, style your spreadsheets to look on-brand and aesthetically pleasing. Yes, it matters.

This course is for you if

You love simplicity & productivity

You're determined to simplify your systems and processes

You sort of know the basics of Google Sheets, but you want to see what else it can do for your fashion life & business

You'd like to organise your social media (without using a scheduler)

You want to start using Google Sheets and you have FOMO — yes, you're missing out!

This course is not for you if

You're happiest living in organised chaos

You already have all your systems in place

You're a pro in Google Sheets and Excel

You don't want to plan content or social media

You don't feel the need for spreadsheets in your life or business

I'm Zoe Georgiou, a fashion illustrator & creative
During my 20 years working in fashion (PR, marketing, e-commerce and design), I had to get good at spreadsheets. In every office I worked at, Excel and Google Sheets were the programs I used the most. Every single day.

People always asked me, “How do I correct this?” and “Is there a formula for that?” — Let’s just say, it made me quite nerdy about spreadsheets.

So, I’m simplifying the process. And I’m teaching it in a way that makes sense to us fashion folk. In each module, we'll build a specific spreadsheet together.
This is not just a course about what Google Sheets can do — you can Google that. This is a course to show you creative ways to simplify your life using Google Sheets.
Got questions?
When can I start the course?
The course is brand new with modules being added over the next few days. Login details will be sent via email within 24 hours of purchase. You can log in whenever you like and take the course at your own pace.
How long will it take?
You can watch all the training videos in a couple of hours, although you might want to pause them and spend some time populating your spreadsheets. You'll have lifetime access, so don't worry, you can take your time.
Do I need a Google account?
You'll have access to the files as a non-Google user. However, you'll want to have your own Google account to create your personal spreadsheets and keep them organised in a Google Drive. You don't have to have a Gmail email address to create a Google account. 
What if I know nothing about Google Sheets?
That's okay. In the course, you'll watch exactly what I do on the screen. In each module, we focus on a specific spreadsheet, so I'm not going to bombard you with tons of formulas all at once! Plus, you'll have lifetime access, so you can go back and watch the videos at any time.
I don't want to learn about spreadsheets. Can I just buy the templates?
All the templates are included in the course, so you can only use the templates if you prefer. Each module has a How-to-use video and printable SOP, so you'll get an overview of how to use the spreadsheet. Templates will be available separately soon, but you're better off buying the course, as the template bundle will only include the SOPs and no videos.
What if I already know about Google Sheets?
That's great. If you're already a pro in Google Sheets, you probably don't need this course. Although, the course focuses on using Google Sheets in creative ways as well as its functionality.
I don't work in fashion. Will this work for me?
Yes. To be honest, it'll work for anyone and any business who creates products and content. But I've always worked in fashion, so the examples I give are fashion-related.
What if I change my mind?
I want you to get 100% value from the course, so if it's not what you expect, no problem. Just let me know within 14 days and I'll refund you in full.
Aren't spreadsheets a bit boring?
Only the ones that haven't been styled to suit your brand. We'll make sure your spreadsheets are a joy to use and to look at!
Simplify Fashion Sheets is available for £59 for a limited time only — then the price goes up! 
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